Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Uniting All Metal World, The Global Metal Compilation!

IMPERATIVE MUSIC  Uniting All Metal World

The Global Metal Compilation!

Here is the Front-cover of IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION Volume 14, which will present Bands of great potential!!! Release date: August/2017.

The new Imperative Music Compilation contains a selected sampling of contemporary heavy metal from various countries.

We have the following confirmed bands:

ARMORED DAWN [Brazil] Brazilian Heavy Metal heroes, “The Epicness of IRON MAIDEN in Brazilian Fashion” - Revolver Magazine (USA)!

KREATOR [Germany] Thrash Metal Kings, artist of NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS!

OBITUARY [U.S.] American Death Metal gods, artist of RELAPSE RECORDS!

NIGHTQUEEN [Belgium] Symphonic Metal with beautiful female vocals!

ENEMY I [Germany] Industrial Dark Metal, new album out now!

THE GENERATIONS ARMY [Sweden] Melodic Speed Thrash Metal!

EXPULSION [U.S.] Death Grind masters, artist of RELAPSE RECORDS!

METASPHERICAL [Canada] Progressive Thrash Death Metal!

NOVEMBERS DOOM [U.S.] Death Doom Metal, artist of THE END RECORDS!

AZAGHAL [Finland] Black Metal cult, artist of MORIBUND RECORDS!

PRIOR THE END [Germany] Modern Metal, Killwitch Engage, Caliban!

INNER CALL [Brazil] Thrash Metal similar to Megadeth! New CD out soon!

SNAKEBONES [Austria] Hard Rock Sleaze Rock, debut album out now!

TORTURIZER [Brazil] Thrash Metal similar to Sadus, Legion of the Damned!

TRECELENCE [U.S.] Bay Area Thrash Metal, Debut CD out now! Impressive!

NEOGENESE [Brazil] Heavy Metal such as Iced Earth, Judas Priest!

WINTERHEARTH [Canada] Extreme metal evolved from Deicide, Carcass!

XAKOL [Brazil] Progressive Epic Power Metal!

ATLÂNTIDA ON DEMAND [Portugal] Groove metal such as Pantera, Soilwork!

ONE STEP TO FALL [Portugal] Metalcore such as North-American!

RISINGFALL [Japan] Heavy Metal influenced by Helloween, HammerFall!

STONERIA [Brazil] Rock, stoner with many influences!

NUMBNESS [Brazil] Thrash core from Amazon Forest!

SHADOWHISPERS [Luxemburg] Gothic Metal such as Therion, Epica!

CORE DIVIDER [Brazil] Since PANTERA, C.D. impressives us a lot!

DEATHTALE [Austria] Death Thrash Metal, new album out now!

HETEROGENEOUS ANDEAD [Japan] Melodic Death Thrash with female vocals!

SURVIVE [Japan] Thrash Metal 9 albums released so far! Japanese Legend!

APOPHANOUS [Brazil] Prog Thrash Metal such as Lamb of God, Nevermore!

KARYTTAH [Brazil] Heavy Metal / Hard Rock very dynamic!

BREAKOUT [Sweden] Thrash/Heavy Metal like Megadeth, AC/DC, Metallica!

We appreciate the partnership and professionalism of the bands mentioned here, thanks!


Nuclear Blast / Season Of Mist / Earache Records / My Graveyard Prod / My Kingdom Music / Majestic Tattoo / Violent Journey Records  / Relapse Records / The End / Heaven And Hell Records / Pathos Productions / Moribund Records / Sevared Records / Dark Horizon Records / Sentinel Steel / Deathgasm Records / Red Stream Records. / Imperative Music / Rock Stakk, Redrivetrecords, Disk Union.

The following magazines have added the Compilations to their readers:

[Concert and large festival distribution]

METAL OBS’, France
[Distributed in FNAC, Gibert Joseph, Furet Du Nord]

[Fanzine founded in 1988, distributed in festivals, gigs, and Nuclear Blast store]

[Influential German Fanzine from Metal Scene]

This is an International Compilation; we recognize the importance of partnering and cooperating with various companies around the world to give Bands the chance to present their music, all of which have merit in the attention of the public, record companies and the media.

* We still have room to include a few more bands in this volume 14, please contact us for more details.

Cover art by: Julio Souza



Mastering by: Slab Sound Studio in France



Monday, June 26, 2017

ENEMY I, Berlin, Germany

The Berlin based band ENEMY I are confirmed to be presented in the Worldwide Compilation “Metal Rock” of IMPERATIVE MUSIC volume 14.

German Industrial/Dark Metal in great performance! They embrace a plethora of different metal genres with Industrial hues and guarantee a varied listening experience for a broad audience.

The band was interviewed by Orkus magazine and other amazing media has supported ENEMY I, IMPERATIVE MUSIC Brazil/USA are proud to feature a song and a video of ENEMY I in our new compilation.

Their new album Dysphoria is out now!

PR & booking affairs:
Conny Ohm
Email: conny@enemyi.com

ENEMY I Website:

You Tube:

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


HETEROGENEOUS ANDEAD – Female Fronted Melodic & Symphonic Death/Thrash metal band from Japan are confirmed in IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION CD VOLUME 14.

Distribution: Europe, USA, Japan and Brazil

Promotion: Worldwide



Saturday, June 17, 2017

CORE DIVIDER creating their 'potential' Groove Metal that impressive us a lot!

CORE DIVIDER are confirmed in the new compilation worldwide of Imperative Music along with KREATOR and OBITUARY !!!

CORE DIVIDER [Brazil] - Since PANTERA, Core Divider created their 'potential' Groove Metal that impressive us a lot!

In a few words, bombastic Thrash Metal Death Metal Groove, image the best time and albums of Fear Factory, Pantera, Machine Head mix all these bands and then you will get Core Divider!

After the band have already participated in Imperative Music Compilation volume 13, again, the band will be part of Imperative Music Compilation CD Volume 14 featuring a song and lyric video of their Debut Album.